After all the hard work that goes into Harmonica World magazine, our editorial team were upset when they found that the "Crossharpword 2" was printed without any of the clues to solve it.

Anyone who has already completed it is either looking at the answers near the back, or they have fantastic psychic abilities!

For the rest of us that enjoy doing a crossword in the more conventional way, here are the clues that should have been arriving in your magazine.


1 Maraschino (Anagram) (10)

5 Part of 1ac

7 ...and 3d. 1ac named after this player. of 1ac (3,5)

8 Player of 1ac who fronted The Fabulous Thunderbirds

11 Rubbed out (6)

13 Britpop band (4)

15  DM48's are _____ 1ac (4)

16 No sheet music or tab? Learn by this (3)

17 US secret service (1,1,1)

19 1ac could be this ... (3,7)

22 ... or this (7)

23 Sound of displeasure or disapproval (3)

25 Text appendix indicating amusement (1,1,1)

27 What we are doing to a 31d when we file or add weight to it. (4)

28 We may do this on the 4 draw (4)

29 Museum of art in Paris (1'5)

33 "___ woman, knock-kneed man" by Bobby Rush. (3-6)

35 Cephas and Wiggins, perhaps (3)

36 Son of ____, 1ac player (4)

37 It is attached to the outside of 1ac (5,5)


1 Some 1ac are ___-valved. (4)

2 Steve ___ , who played 1ac with the All Star Medicine Show (3)

3 See 7ac

4 Percussion instrument (7)

5 Blimey! John Cook's harmonicas contain the sound of a dove. (3)

6 These 31d's play C,E and G on a C 1ac. (4)

9 First name of singer whose albums include "Read My Lips" and "Shoot From the Hip"(6)

10 River (4)

11 ______ 1d 6d gets E on C 1ac.

12 Grown up

14 ...and 26d. Player of 1ac who fronted The Kingsnakes (4,4)

17 "______ harp" denotes the key of E on A 1ac, for example.(5)

18 Friendliness(5)

20 Old,poetic form of the word "enough"(4)

21 "______ Blues" Bob Dylan song from the album "Brining it all Back Home"(6)

24 UK king from 1910 onwards (6,1)

26 See 14d.

30 Find the total.(3,2)

31 Jimmy, 1ac player best known for his 1st position blues.(4)

32 In 2nd position, 3 draw half bent is a blue ___(4)

34 Material from which metal is extracted (3)

35 Little Mix song is a code carrier (1,1,1)

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