Free webinar today (Saturday 27th Nov)

Come and learn to play Blues Harmonica - FREE Webinar 27.11.21

‘How to play blues harmonica in one hour’ - this is a one hour free live webinar on zoom with me, Ben Hewlett.

It’s on Saturday 27th November at 12-1 pm UK timezoneon Zoom.

You will learn about the ‘5 steps to blues harmonica success’

Please bring a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in C and more if you have them to hand.

Then we’ll have a Q&A on blues harmonica

Then we’ll take a quick walk through the 90 day mastery program

Finally there will be a little something to give you some great harmonica learning opportunities if you stay to the end

Have a great day!

Cheers, Ben

STEP 1. Ready Steady Go... simple Blues, chords, how to breathe, 'chugging', rhythm, train sounds, history/legacy/engineering of the harmonica - where to get a harmonica, and which one do you need? How does it even work and make a sound? Which key? How do you clean it?

STEP 2. Game-changing baby steps: five ways to get single notes including Tongue-Blocking. What can you do with single notes? Start simple and gradually build up to playing simple scales.

STEP 3. Play music with other people - how? What are the practical opportunities and required skills: the ability to play melodies, improvisation, music theory, repertoire, modes, harmonica positions.

STEP 4. Turbocharge your skills: Bending notes; Draw and Blow bending, advanced Tongue-Blocking, increasing your repertoire, different music genres, working on timing, improvisation.

STEP 5. You're in the band - Go LIVE! Expand your comfort zone and skills; 'overbending', increase repertoire, musicality, performance skills...

(We can’t cover all this in one hour but that will be the road map)

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