Oritta 24 hole harmonica back view

Oritta Harmonica have announced production of the largest, 24 hole chromatic in the world.  Tuning from C2 to C8, using stainless steel reedplates. C2-C6 with Hohner reeds, and C7-C8 with Seydel reeds. The reedplates are cut with a high precision water jet laser cutter. Covers and comb are in aluminium and cast chrome. 

This is a very limited edition, only 15 harmonicas will be manufactured and made available for sale - 

Update only 10 left now!

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HarmonicaUK - Registered Charity no. 1131484 (England & Wales)

HarmonicaUK - Registered Charity no. 1131484 (England & Wales)
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