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He was sceptical of the promise at first.

True story this!

In fact you could even say he was cynical about it.

He was a complete harmonica beginner and very nearly didn’t turn up for the first class because he didn’t think he had it in him to learn.

I’d just told him he’d be jamming along to Muddy Waters by the end of the lesson.

He didn’t believe me.

And why should he…?

I mean being able to play along with one of the most iconic blues artists of the post war era after just one lesson…!

…surely that’s impossible?

Errrr…well no actually.

It’s definitely possible.

There are just three things you need to have to hustle your harmonica with any of the blues greats:

A harmonica (duh!)

A simple understanding of the 12 bar blues format

The right teacher to show you the way

My sceptical student had his own harmonica so we were one third the way there.

Then I showed him how he could easily play this 12 bar blues chord sequence on it:

I chord      I chord      I chord   I chord

IV chord   IV chord   I chord   I chord

V chord    IV chord   I chord   I&V chord

And the result…?

…in less than 30 minutes he was jamming along to Hoochie Coochie Man like a seasoned pro.

He sounded good too.

When the track finished he was stunned.

He actually said “If you’d have told me I’d be playing blues like that before the end of my first ever blues harmonica lesson, I’d have thought you were crazy.”

[Side note - I have been called crazy before but that’s not why :-)]

But it’s not crazy.

You too can play some mean blues harmonica.  

I’ll show you how.

Come along to my next Blues Harmonica Challenge on Thursday 2nd March (that’s this week).

It’s all explained here:

Click here to find out how you can play the blues too.

Speak soon

Ben “definitely not crazy” Hewlett

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