Seydel is proud to announce that the well-known harmonica player and inventor, Brendan Power will come to Klingenthal Germany,in March 2023 to conduct a 4 day intensive expert workshop

Brendan and Seydel have a friendship of mutual respect going back over two decades, marked by the fact that Seydel offers several of Brendan’s popular original tunings in the unique Configurator: PowerBender, PowerDraw and PowerChromatic.  They are all listed on the Power Tunings page at Seydel’s website:, and have been steady sellers for a number of years.
Brendan’s intensive 4 day workshop from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th March 2023 will give fans of his expressive tunings special instruction on how to get the best out of them.  Many will also have seen Brendan’s youtube videos where he demonstrates the wonderful connection between his regular-breath tunings and Jim Ankaki’s excellent Turboslide attachment, which ONLY works on the Seydel exclusive stainless steel reeds.  Since Brendan is a big fan of the Turboslide, he will show how it can add amazing new expression on all harps, and most especially his Power Tunings.  If you have a Turboslide but never fully knew how to use it, this is your chance to learn from a really knowledgeable enthusiast!
Brendan will also explain and demonstrate many of his other harmonica inventions, and engage in discussion with workshop attendees about how technical development of the harmonica could progress in the future.
In Klingenthal he will also release an innovative new Seydel-Power harp!  This and all Brendan’s Seydel models will be exclusively available for workshop attendees to buy at a substantial discount.
Seydel, the oldest harmonica manufacturer in the world, offers, in addition to the daily teaching classes, a guided factory tour and a visit to the local harmonica museum for all participants.  Nightly social sessions and a free concert by Brendan will round out a highly stimulating and enjoyable four days in Klingenthal, the legendary home of the German harmonica industry.
Please come and join us in March of 2023!  The number of participants is limited and the workshop will certainly be booked out quickly.  The language of instruction is English.
Planned Schedule/Fee
Thursday 16th march
12.00                    meeting of all participants to have lunch together and a small round of introductions
14.30-17.30        official begin of the seminar and workshop (with a little coffee-break after 2 hours)
                              Informal get-together in the evening to exchange experiences and possibly a small jam session
Friday 17th         
8.30                      guided factory tour at Seydel (for about 2 hours)
11.00                    begin workshop
13.00                    lunch break
14.30-17.30        workshop
Informal get together in the evening to exchange experiences and possibly a small jam session
Saturday 18th
9.00       begin workshop
12.00     lunch
13.30     workshop
16.00     guided museum tour at the harmonica museum in Klingenthal/Zwota (about 1.5 hours)
20.00-22.00        Brendan Power concert at the seminar hotel, to which the public is also invited.  It may end in a jam session
Sunday 19th
9.00       workshop
12.30     lunch and give out workshop certificates to all participants, afterwards farewell and journey home
The participation fee is 285 Euros including 19% VAT
Ferienhotel Muhlleithen
Waldstrasse 4
08248 Klingenthal/Muhlleithen
Tel +49 (0) 37465 2201
[email protected]
Participants will get a 10% discount on accommodation rates at this hotel

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