The Committee (Trustees)

Barry Elms


Barry bought his first Marine Band in the early ‘90s after hearing the harmonica played on the Dr Who episode ‘The Happiness Patrol’, and has been playing ever since. In addition to diatonic harmonicas, he also plays chromatic harmonica, guitar, and the washboard! Barry plays in a '60s covers band at weekends, is an IT Manager by day, and has 20 years’ experience working as an adult education tutor. Barry brings many years of writing, editing, administration, IT, and project management experience to the HarmonicaUK committee. Previously Barry has held the roles of Vice-Chair and Head of Communications for HarmonicaUK, and also Editor of Harmonica World magazine.

Phil Leiwy


Phil is a practising chartered accountant. Phil is very interesting, especially when he’s talking figures. His Excel spreadsheets are colour-coded. Getting him to spend HarmonicaUK money is like pulling teeth.

In his spare time, Phil performs a cockney music/music hall act under his alter ego, Harmonica Lewinsky, playing guitar, playing harmonica in a brace, and singing. It’s not very good. His other interests are buying DIY tools from the middle of Lidl and telling people he’s going on holiday during lockdown. He’s on his third butler.

Simon Joy


As the only tremolo player on the committee, Simon is carrying the torch for all the members who play tremolo and double reed instruments. He is using his background of working in health and social care to oversee HarmonicaUK’s commitment to safeguarding and managing risk. He looks forward to meeting members and playing some tunes together. 

Richard Taylor

Outreach/Acting Membership Secretary

Richard joined the NHL in the 1980's and is a former jazz harmonica champion. By day, Richard manages Harp Academy, teaching harmonica to children 4-11 years. Richard is also Producer of Harpin' By The Sea, Brighton's annual harmonica festival, and runs workshops for adult players. By night Richard fronts The Blackjacks, playing blues with a Louisiana twist. 

Barbara Tate

IT Support/Acting Membership Secretary

I'm Barbara Tate and I have the dubious honour of being a trustee of HarmonicaUK without ever having been a harmonica player! I am custodian of the harmonica legacy of my late husband, Douglas Tate, and as well as being a past Membership Secretary (just after the last Ice Age) I am IT and GDPR advisor. I don't have much of an active role at present due to family commitments but I'm always on hand if needed.

Suzy Colclough

Accessibility/Communications Manager

I’m a fun-loving, happy person with a caring nature.  Before I lost my sight at the age of 24, I worked for Barclays Bank.  Following this, I trained for seven years in numerous therapies, which resulted in my being a holistic therapist, treating mind and body.

I love playing the chromatic harmonica as well as walking with my guide dog, socialising and attending live music events.  I’m also a prolific reader.

Dave 'Dogfish' Colclough

Magazine Editor

I have had jobs in the past including working in the building trade,working in a gym and as a DJ, before retraining as a massage therapist and achieving qualifications in counselling.  Some of you might know me as the current editor of Harmonica World.  I play mostly diatonic in all styles of music, although I play the big one with the button occasionally!

I have been told I have a  cheeky sense of humour and I love sea fishing, music and socialising

Gene Myers

Without Portfolio

When I was 16,  I saw James Cotton perform for the first time in Connecticut at a renowned blues club, and soon after bought a copy of the classic Folkways instructional album, Blues Harp. Within  a few days I learned to bend notes. Throughout my life and careers, I’ve had a close relationship with and keen interest in music. I was a photographer and printmaker during my first 38 years, and during the second half of my life, a Software professional. I’ve founded a few companies; the first developed a music festival app. I’m currently the Chief Technical Officer and Director at Wyld Networks, specialising in Satellite IoT. In the last couple of years I’ve started playing the harmonica again, and helping out at events for HarmonicaUK.

Andrew Hardy

Without Portfolio

I am a qualified accountant and have practised as such for the last 30 years.  Not much opportunity for making music in that profession although occasionally clients sing for joy when I save them a bit of tax.  I have always been interested in music and took up a few courses with Ben Hewlett, and from this developed my interest in the underrated harmonica.  Love all styles but am especially interested in Zydeco and classical genres as the instrument is so expressive.  Met some lovely people on Zoom and now keen to get more involved.

Assistants to the Committee

Editorial team

  • Dave Colclough - editor
  • Steve Pardue - design
  • Keith Parker - advertising
  • Rowena Millar, Sam Spranger - sub editing
  • Jim Watkins - proof reading

Newsdesk team

  • Susy Colclough
  • Dave Colclough
  • Gary Newman
  • Louise Goodridge
  • Jo Elms
  • Joe French

Specialist support

  • Roger Trobridge - archivist
  • Dick Powell - education sign-posting [Find a teacher here]
  • Rollen Flood - researcher and advisor on health benefits of playing harmonica
  • Mike Netherton - health and safety advice

HarmonicaUK is a Registered Charity (England & Wales) (1131484)
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